Notice To Public

We write to inform you that as of 15 April 2020, ASEAN BASKETBALL LEAGUE Pte. Ltd (ABL) had suspended its operations engagement with appointed vendors MR. JERICHO ILAGAN and ASM a company located in the Philippines.

Any and all transactions and representations made by MR. JERICHO ILAGAN and/or ASM on behalf of ABL after 15 April 2020 are deemed unauthorized and shall not be honored with a caveat that all transactions entered into prior to said date will be subject to review and verification.

For the past months, ABL has been conducting an investigation on all previous representation and transactions made by the appointed vendors and has referred the matter to its legal counsel. Our legal counsel is currently conducting an exhaustive and intensive assessment of all transactions and agreements entered into by Mr. Jericho Ilagan on behalf of ABL since his engagement to determine the appropriate legal actions necessary to fully protect ABL’s interests.

Pending this assessment, ASEAN Basketball League Pte. Ltd. (ABL) has EFFECTIVELY TERMINATED and SEVERED all its relations, professional or otherwise, with MR. JERICHO ILAGAN and ASM. In this regard, MR. JERICHO ILAGAN and/or ASM is no longer authorized to represent the ABL in any capacity.


Please immediately report any unauthorized activity to


To this end, ABL reiterates its commitment to conduct its business in compliance with the applicable laws and in accordance with the highest ethical principles.




18 January 2021


*Official Copy of Notice To Public as per below:

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