Louvre Indonesia hope to make faithful fans proud

There will be 4 teams new to the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) setting in the 2023 ABL
Invitational next year. However, among these “rookie” teams, Louvre Indonesia are a bit

After all, the team had sounded their intention of joining the international competition ever
since early November 2021. When the calendar turns to 2023, their ambitions will finally prove
fruitful as they are scheduled to play their first game in the ABL Invitational on 3 January 2023
against Zamboanga Valientes at OCBC Arena, Singapore.

The team will be yet another team from Indonesia to play in the ABL format, following the
footsteps of Satria Muda, Indonesia Warriors, Laskar Dreya, and former champions CLS Knights.
For the upcoming tournament, it will be Louvre that will be shouldering the pride of Indonesia
on their shoulders as they battle against some of the best in the region.

“We are thrilled and super proud to announce that we will be the representative of Indonesia in
the 2023 ABL Invitational,” said Erick Herlangga, one of the Louvre Indonesia’s owners.
Aside from announcing their intentions of being a part of the ABL, Louvre Indonesia were also a
part of the ABL’s summer events – ABL 3×3 International Champions Cup and ABL Pre-SEA
Games Challenge 2022. As a matter of fact, Louvre Indonesia actually made it to the Final of the
Pre-SEA Games Challenge before the game had to be called off.

One thing that Louvre Indonesia are looking forward to in the upcoming ABL Invitational
tournaments next year is the excitement that comes with the foreign players that each team
are allowed to field. There have been plenty of outstanding stars that have played as foreign
players in the past ABL seasons such as former World Import MVP Xavier Alexander (who is
returning for the Singapore Slingers this season) that raise the level of competition – and
entertainment – in the games.

“In the ABL Invitational, you can play many foreign players on the court and this is why
basketball fans like myself have been waiting for the competition. Of course, it will be a blessing
to see the talents of these foreign players who play at the international level.”
For Louvre Indonesia, they have already announced at least one of those foreign talents that
will be donning their jersey – Marcus Hammonds.

With the well-travelled Hammonds on their side, Louvre Indonesia are looking towards a deep
playoff run at the ABL Invitational.

“I am expecting to qualify for the playoffs,” said Herlangga. “For sure, that is my target for
playing in the ABL Invitational.”

To make the playoffs, Louvre Indonesia will have to be among the four teams with the best win-
loss record across all four ABL Invitational Series tournaments which will be held in 4 different
cities. Louvre Indonesia, like all of the other teams, will play a total of 14 games which means
they will face each team twice across these four tournaments.

“The fans should expect a perfect playoffs.” Said Herlangga.

For a perfect playoff run, Louvre Indonesia would need to win all games in the Best-of-Three
Semifinals and Championship Series – an ambitious task of winning 4 straight games against the
top clubs in the competition.

When you aim high and stay focused on that path, the rewards tend to be satisfying. That’s why
Louvre urges the Indonesia fans to show their support for the team throughout their endeavors
next year.