ABL hosts 3×3 ICC Cup & Pre-SEA Games Challenge in Bali

The ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) hosted the first ever ABL 3×3 International Champions Cup was hosted in Bali, Indonesia from 16-17 April. The competition featured both men’s and women’s events.

On the men’s side, the teams were Bali United, Singapore Slingers, Saigon Heat, Harimau Malaya, Shoot It Dragons, Ahmedabad 3BL, Zamboanga Valientes, Platinum Karaoke Philippines, VN Red & Gold, Louvre Indonesia, INA Patriots (Team A), INA Patriots (Team B), Khmer Stars, and SniperX.

On the women’s side, the teams were Jumpshot, Elite, VN Red & Gold, Uratex Dream, Team Lions, Dehli 3BL, Harimau Malaya, and Louvre Indonesia.

Once the dust settled, the two champions for both events were INA Patriots (Team A) from the men’s and VN Red & Gold from the women’s.
INA Patriots (Team A) featured Okiwira Sanjaya, Surliyadin Itun, Sandy Aziz, Jamarr Johnson while VN Red & Gold showcased Ngoan Huynh, Kayleigh Truong, Kaylynne Truong, Anh-Dao Tran.

In addition to the ABL 3×3 International Champions Cup, the ABL also hosted the Pre-SEA Games Challenge in from 19-22 April, 2022.

The event was competed by national teams in Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia in preparation of for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games as well as club teams in the BBM CLS Knights, Louvre Indonesia, Zamboanga Valientes, and Misor Mustangs.

The teams brought along high-level talents to test each other whether it was Vietnam’s Christian Juzang, Singapore’s Delvin Goh, and Malaysia’s Kuek Tian Yuan.

Despite and unfortunate inconvenience with the playing condition, the Final between BBM CLS Knights and Louvre Indonesia had to be cancelled, leaving the final standings as follows:
1- BBM CLS Knights / Louvre Indonesia
3- Malaysia
4- Vietnam
5- Singapore
6- Misor Mustangs
7- Zamboanga Valientes
8- Cambodia