About ABL

Founding date:
19 January 2009

The ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) is the first regional rrofessional basketball League in Asia.

The ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) is a professional sports association dedicated to the advancement of basketball throughout the region by developing the sport in terms of quality of play and as a premier form of entertainment.

The league was founded in 2009 as the first truly regional sports entertainment property. By demonstrating the ongoing integration of ASEAN through professional sports, the league aims to provide a platform for the development of local basketball talent by working in tandem with each country’s local association.

League Overview

ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) is sanctioned by the Southeast Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) and International Basketball Federation Asia (FIBA Asia), which are both part of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Competition on the court is the highest in the region, as each team may supplement their roster with a selection of international imports and ASEAN players. These rules encourage parity and guarantee an exciting product for our fans.

In addition, member teams are committed to providing a unique, fan-driven event experience that is about more than just basketball. Through promotional efforts, fan activities, and a deep partnership with regional and local media, the ABL is high level sports entertainment for all ages.